How The SureTech Voltage Optimiser Works

Manufacturers have to produce electrical products to work at a tolerance of between 207 volts to 253 volts. This is because electricity in the UK is supplied at between these levels (generally at the higher end). But the optimum voltage for electrical products is around 218 volts. This is where a Voltage Optimiser from SureTech will help.

The ‘over supply’ is wasted energy and not only costs you money, but it also causes appliances to wear out more quickly. This is because they deal with the extra voltage by generating extra heat or vibration.

“It just makes sense to stop paying for wasted electricity” said Mr Kilgour, SureTech’s Managing Director

By having SureTech install a Voltage Optimiser, voltage will typically be reduced to around 218 volts. This ensures all appliances and circuits run at optimum efficiency. In fact, at exactly the voltage they were designed to run most efficiently at. Thus prolonging their life by up to 90%.

The SureTech Voltage Optimiser does not affect your existing wiring and can be fitted with minimal disruption. The unit simply fits in between your meter and your consumer unit/fuse board. It takes up to two hours to fit.

SureTech’s voltage optimiser has some significant benefits for you :-

  • Reduce your electricity bill by up to 18%
  • Extend the lifetime of your appliances by up to 90%
  • Return your investment in 3-4 years
  • Eliminate waste and reduce carbon emissions
  • If you move it can easily be taken with you
  • Installed with virtually no disruption
  • It’s simple and does not rely on government subsidies

Who Would Benefit From Having SureTech’s voltage optimiser Installed?

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This type of voltage optimisation has been used successfully within the commercial industry for a number of years and only recently became available for domestic households and small businesses.

What Appliances Would Be Affected?

A large number of appliances: Lighting, fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers, central heating pumps, televisions, computers, stereo equipment, microwaves, hair dyers, extractor fans, power tools (the list goes on).

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Start Saving Immediately

The more electricity prices rocket, the more you save.

Why Now?

With the cost of electricity escalating, using voltage optimisation is the smart way to start protecting yourself from future hefty bills. You will also be prolonging the life of your appliances, reducing your energy usage and carbon footprint!