Voltage Optimiser Benefits For Your Home

The Benefits for your Home

Installing SureTech’s voltage optimiser in your home can significantly reduce electricity bills, for some people by as much as 18%.

  • Monitors the voltage continuously in order to ensure minimum voltage of 218v
  • Operates all the time to maximise savings
  • Constantly optimises supply to ensure the savings are maximised
  • Simple installation – no changes needed to the meter
  • Made in Britain and designed to meet the latest UK Wiring regulations
  • Maintenance free

How Much Can You Save?

Below are some examples of how much you could save. Actual savings could be higher or lower, depending on your usage. Of course you will save even more as the prices rise still further.

  • Family of 3 (2 bed terraced) annual saving £100
  • Family of 4 (3 bed semi-detached) annual saving £150
  • Family of 5 (4 bed detached) annual saving £200
  • Work premises – significantly more (depending on amount of appliances and lighting being used.

How Much Does SureTech’s Voltage Optimiser Cost

SureTech’s Voltage Optimiser (SVO) effectively pays for itself in three to four years.

We include in the price your SVO unit fitted to a fully approved standard including:

  • Main Isolator
  • Service Block
  • Meter Tails

(All fitted where required).

For a fully inclusive price of £720 (including VAT). Please Note: We do not say the word ‘from’ in our price. Our price is a fixed price with NO hidden extra’s provided that the main bonding is present and meets the current regulations (BS7671). This will be established when we carry out your free survey. To read about main bonding click here.

What If I Move House?

SureTech’s voltage optimiser can go with you. It can easily be re-fitted to your new premises. Alternatively it will make your premises more desirable for future tenants or buyers as it is so energy efficient.

Guaranteed Savings

[guarantee style=”TJ” gtysize=”small”]We guarantee that you will save a minimum of 10% on your electricity bills and that the SureTech Voltage Optimiser will pay for itself within 5 years (normally it’s within 3-4 years) or we’ll refund you £100.[/guarantee]